Beaver Home & Cottage Material Packages

The easiest way to build your own home

When purchasing a Beaver Homes & Cottages Material Package, you will be supplied with all the exterior, interior and structural supplies you will need to get your house all the way from off-the-ground to move-in condition.

Why get a Beaver Home & Cottage Material Package?

A family looking at their new home (under construction)
  • An easy way to control all aspects of your new home or cottage build.
  • A less expensive home build with the option of modifying the model rather than doing a whole new design.
  • A much quicker process.
  • We work with you to help you get the most for your budget
  • The option of using one of our preferred contractors, hire any contractor you choose or build it yourself.
  • The Beaver Homes & Cottages guarantee (see below)
  • We provide all of the material, expertise and guidance!

Getting started is easy!

1. Choose one of our existing plans as a starting point.

2. Work with our certified designer to customize the plan to fit your needs and choose your building materials, kitchen and bath elements.

3. We provide you with the designs, interior products and all of the basic materials including studs, wallboard, primer and more.
4. Take the design and the material package to one of our recommended builders or choose your own.

Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants who will guide you through the process and help you decide what’s right for you.

Our Materials – Designed and built your way!

Each home package includes a list of standard premium materials, including:

  • Structural supports
  • Insulation
  • Walls
  • Roofing
  • Other essential home building materials
All of our materials can be switched out for products of your choice to give the build a customized look and feel and can be easily visualized at our Design Centre.
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Our Plans

Beaver Homes & Cottages has about 100 models to choose from, ranging in style from timber frame, to craftsman and contemporary to ultra modern. To get started with any of these premade plans flip through the Beaver Homes & Cottages catalogue and select the drawing you like the best. Choosing one of our existing designs is the simplest and most streamlined way to get yourself into a beautiful new professionally designed home.

Customized Plans

Any of our existing plans can be customized to meet your unique lifestyle requirements. Deciding what modifications should be made and where is as simple as sitting with a design consultant.

Your Plans

If you have specific dreams and requirements for the perfect home you have envisioned, the Beaver Home & Cottages design team is there to help you design the right set of building plans. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the catalogue, bring your own ideas and we will provide a design and the building materials package to go with it.

The models

Beaver Homes and Cottages' Glenbriar-2 model home


Beaver Homes and Cottages' Cranbrook Two Storey Home

Two Storey Homes

Beaver Homes and Cottages' Hartland a Country Home

Country Homes

Petit-Soleil Beaver Model Cottage

Muskoka Cottages

Beaver Homes and Cottages designer cottage Ashland-TFH

Timber Frame Homes

Our exclusive Material Package Guarantee

“The quantity and quality of the inventory we’re able to bring to customers is phenomenal, along with the guarantees we’re able to offer on it. Not only can we guarantee the price won’t go up from the beginning to the end of your project, but we also guarantee you’ll have enough materials and building components to conform to or exceed the national and provincial building codes.”

~ Kirk ~

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When you buy your Beaver Home or Cottage Material Package, we guarantee:


Whether you select a standard model or have our Architectural Solutions Group modify a model to your specifications, the finished design will meet the requirements of the National and Provincial Building Codes.


The price of the Premium Material Package, as originally described in the agreement to purchase with Home Hardware, will not increase from the beginning of the project through completion.


Your Beaver Material Package, as described in the Beaver Home and Cottage Package Specifications, shall be sufficient to complete construction in accordance with the National and Provincial Building Codes and the construction drawings supplied with your Beaver Material Package.


The standards of building components and other materials supplied by Home Hardware at the time of purchase conform to, or exceed, the National Building Code of Canada, as well as Provincial Codes. All manufactured products are covered by specific Manufacturer Warranties. The workmanship of all building products and components supplied by Home Hardware are guaranteed to be of a standard acceptable to good building practice.

Customer Stories

Dream with a View


Together with her husband John, Judy Keown had dreamed for years of building the perfect home. In 2003, Jonathan came home from a visit to McNabb Home Building Centre in Parry Sound and shared an exciting discovery with his mother. “I’ve seen the perfect drawing,” he said, and handed her the Beaver Home and Cottage Design book. As soon as Judy set eyes on the plans for Jonathan’s suggestion – the Taylor Creek model – she knew that was the one.

Building your Dream with Home


When it came time for Mike and Joan Smith to realize their plans for leaving the ‘Big Smoke’ and relocating to Ontario’s near North, they knew what they wanted, “We lived and worked in Toronto for over 40 years,” explains Mike, a former executive in the insurance business. “We had a cottage for over 25 years. We thought we’d like to move to Muskoka for a quiet, private life.” Sounds simple enough, but finding their dream home proved more difficult than the couple had anticipated: “We must have looked at 25 homes, but we just couldn’t find anything…”

A Smooth Landing


Bruce Durrer has had his share of smooth landings over the course of his career as an Air Canada pilot but possibly none could have been smoother than building his dream home with Beaver Homes and Cottages. Bruce and his wife Sally said the task was the most rewarding experience of their life. “We were building our dream home and it was a dream to build,” said Sally. “The whole experience actually brought us even closer together!”